Bernat Baby Jacquards Cardigan

I LOVE Bernat Baby Jacquards!!

From the Patty Cake Book, Top Down Cardiagan in Baby Jacquards Easter Basker. 1 ball, size 4 needles.

This is a great booklet, I just might knit EVERYTHING in it!!

That is darling!! I love the yarn. I love to make baby sweaters! don’t you love the top-down patterns? It’s like you start out with nothing and end up with a sweater. They make lovely baby shower gifts. My favorite pattern book is Creature Comforts by Amy Bahrt.:yay:

:happydance: That is very cute! I’ll have to keep an eye out for the booklet

Just too cute ! I agree with you . The patterns are briliant in that booklet and the yarn is great .:slight_smile:

That is soooo cute. I love it!!

That is so cute! :yay:

I love it, gonna have to look for the booklet. I love that yarn too, bought some for my daughter, made a sock out of it (not a good idea) was not very stretchy, but thats my fault. Will make somethin else out of the yarn soon.

Very pretty. I love that yarn too.

I’m gonna have to go look for that booklet too! Love it!

Wow that’s so adorable :yay: I love the yarn you used! I’ve gotta go pick up some patterned yarn next time I drop by AC Moore xD

Ginny, everything you make is so cute. Thanks for letting us know about that pattern book, I’ll have to go find it for the new little one. Won’t know boy or girl for a few months,though, so I might do some stuff in bold colors.

Oh how cute and they really are Easter basket colors.

Oh YUM! This little sweater is truly a [B][I]work of art!!! [/I][/B] WOW!

Wow! I LOVE Bernat Baby Jacquards too! I used Easter Basket as well in something that I made. I also like Bernat Jr. Jacquards too… it has some nice colours as well!:slight_smile:

I just got that booklet in the mail, and you are right all the patterns are so cute.
Your sweater is adorable.

It’s adorable. I just love the colors! :heart:

I’m half way through the Ruffle Edge Top and Pants (#3 page 16) in Cherry Berry. It’s ADORABLE (if I do say so myself!).

That is adorable! Love the way the yarn self stripes!


How petty! What is your next project

That is a really nice little sweater. The colors are very “spring” and I like the edging.