Bernat Aero Ebay Adventure

I haven’t been an eBay shopper, but I have a set of Bernat Aero needles in a red zippered case that belonged to my grandmother. I really like these needles, but the size 2 needles are missing and the size 7 needles are wonky. So I look on eBay and find a set that has 2 different pairs missing and figured I’ll bid so I can use it to round out my set.

There was a bid of around $9, and I bid another $1. DH says to put in a max bid and let eBay bid for me. He’s not exactly a veteran eBayer either, but I put in a $25 max. We’re watching the auction that ends in a couple of hours. NO ONE else is bidding. After a while, we stop watching closely as over-confidence sets in. The auction ends, I check it out to find someone else got the set for $26!! Well DH is :!!!:

He starts scouring eBay to find another set…determined that we will prevail the next time no matter what the cost! I’m laughing because he’s totally lost perspective! We find another set that are metric sizes, not US. It is complete and looks virtually unused. So now we start the bidding and to add to our already lame eBay skills, this item is in England so we have to bid in pounds, not dollars! Not that we can’t do math, but he’s typing in numbers thinking they are dollars and I’m saying “honey, I really don’t want to spend $100 on these” and he’s saying " :?? "

Fast forward to the end of the auction two days later. We’re on vacation in Maine, sitting with his laptop in the lobby because they have a wireless connection available. The eBay posting says how long until the auction ends, but we clearly calculated wrong given the time change between here and England. I log in thinking it is just about over, only to find out it ends later that day. How pitiful are we?

I told him this is madness. It would be nice to win this item, but we are acting as if my future happiness depends utterly and entirely on prevailing in this auction! We spend a lovely day in glorious Maine. Check on the auction before dinner, shortly after it is over, and I won! Paid around $40.

They just came in the mail yesterday. So now I have a set of needles that are virtually the same thing that I already have, except metric sizes. I can’t round out my grandmothers original set with a #2 and a #7, which was the original intent! But dammit, we won the auction! :cheering:


:roflhard: :rofl:
LOL, sounds like quite an adventure! I am so very, very, very sorry that you weren’t able to round out your collection…but, there is hope… :wink:

Glad you got them - and just think, you have the bragging rights!

I share your woe. The other day I lost a yarn auction, and I’m still ruing over it. Just remember that the winner didn’t necessarily beat you by bidding just $1 more. For example, maybe their maximum bid was $50. You would’ve had to bid $51 to win. That wouldn’t have been as a good a deal as the English auction. (Of course, it actually had the needles you wanted, but still…) That’s how I try to console myself when I lose by one increment over my max. It doesn’t work well, but I try. :wink:

If you still have the needles I would like to buy them.

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If you read the previous posts you can see they were already sold. This thread is nearly 7 yrs old. Maybe there are more on eBay.