Bernat Abbreviation Questions

Okay, I received some Bernat Cot’n Corn yarn and a pattern to make the “Eyelet Rib Top” (pattern on Bernat) for Christmas.

I’m completely confused about the instructions…

In the 3rd row, you have:

  P2, *yrn, Sl1, K2tog, psso, yrn, P3, Rep from * ending last rep with P2

I looked up “yrn” and “yfwd” on the Bernat glossary and they mean:

  yrn = yarn round needle (1 extra stitch)
  yfwd = yarn forward (1 extra stitch)

Before you ask, no, the “yarn forward” one usually thinks of (simply bringing the yarn forward without making an extra stitch) is coded “yf” in Bernat patterns, not the “yfwd” shown here.

I understand that the basic concept is to just make one extra stitch with each of these, but I have no idea how one does these…is one of these just a basic yarn over (yo)?

Both are just basic YOs. The first one is a purl to a knit and all you need to do is move the yarn over the needle to the back loosely. The 2nd yrn is going from a knit stitch to a purl, so from the knit st, you bring the yarn to the front completely over the needle and back to the front again to purl. The yf or yfwd for a YO is usually between 2 knit stitches, though sometimes it can be used to mean to bring your yarn to the front to slip a stitch.

Thanks so much!