Bergere Tie Front Jacket


Has anyone knitted this or got this pattern?

I am up to row 14, and I seem to be a stitch short?

I cast on 121 stitches, and have knitted rows 1-13 ok. When I knit row 14, the number of stitches on the pattern only comes to 120 (unless I can’t add up?)

Any ideas?


I’m not familiar with that pattern. But are you confident beynd any doubt that you did indeed cast on 121? If you did, and now you only have 120 then you must have dropped a stitch somewhere, or knit 2 together by mistake.

Is it knit each row for the first 13 - so it’s garter stitch? that may be harder to tell then if it were stockinette stitch, but look carefully to make sure you haven’t dropped a stitch.

IN any case, I’d likely just increase a stitch somewhere, either at the end of the row or maybe in the middle of the row.

Thanks Marilyn,

It is an eyelet pattern that i am doing.
I have successfully done the first 13 rows which is a combination of pattern and stocking stitch.
I have definitely got 121 stitches on the needle.
However - row 14 only has 120 stitches to knit.
I have read and re-read the pattern and I just can’t understand why there are only 120 stitches to knit?


Can you give us rows 13 and 14 so we can see what they are?

cast on 121 stitches
row 1 - knit
row 2 - sl1, [k2tog] 3 times, yfwd,p1 5 times, yfwd, [k2tog] 6 times, [yfwd,p1] 5 times - repeat - end with [p2 tog] 3 times, sl1
rows 3-5 stocking stitch
row 6-13 repeat rows 2-5 twice

row 14 - p1,yfwd,p1,yfwd,p1 yfwd,*[p2tog] 6 times, [yfwd,p1] 5 times,yfwd - repeat - end by working 3 times instead of 5


You probably forgot one of the YOs or did one extra k2tog. Go back over row 14 and check each stitch against the pattern. If you did them correctly, then count row 12.

I got 120 also for row 14. I thought maybe cast on was wrong, but after I jimmied with row 2 I was able to use 121 stitches.

I searched around for errata also, but no luck there.

If it were me, I would try to decrease a stitch on my needles in row 13 since that’s the stockinette part - if it’s to be seamed, you can do it by the seaming edge. If not, find a spot that will be semi-hidden, like an underarm or a section that will be under a lapel (unless you want a “designer feature” smack in the middle of the back or wherever!).

Out of curiosity, are following rows using 120 or 121 stitches?



Sue - Maxine’s problem is that she has the right number of stitches on her needle (121), but the pattern row calls for 1 stitch less (120). The rows are symmetrical as written (even though their count is wrong), so I figured a decrease on the stockinette row would work best to get her to the 120 st the pattern wants, without futzing with the symmetry of the lace pattern.

Okaaaayy… I thought she was ending up with one st less. I’m math challenged tonight and I think I’ll quit now.

Thank you ladies,

I will decrease somewhere neer to the end of a row. The next pattern row also has 120 stitches too. I just don’t get it?

Anyway, thank you for all your help.

P.S. This is the first time I have knitted for along long time. I should have stuck to something simple, but then that’s the story of my life…