Bergere pattern problem

pattern is asking me to inc 1 k1 inc 1 k1 inc 1 k2 ( work incresed sts in purl
first question - do I knit on the right side needle where the inc is?
then how do I knit 2?
then why does it say knit them and then say to work in purl?

Thanks for any help!

What is it you’re working on? It sounds like you’re increasing in knit stitches on this row and will work the extra stitches in purl on the next row. Does that make sense with your pattern?

Do you have a link? Or a name we could search for?

You could work a kfb in the first 3 stitches and then knit the last stitch; or kfb in the first stitch and then work the other increases between the other stitches and end with k2.

It’s hard to say without knowing what the final result is supposed to be, so any other information will be helpful.

Ingrid - Its a baby pullover sweater and this is the left back. It’s hard to tell what the purpose is! Assuming some kind of flap but there’s no picture. It increases for only 3/4" and then starts to decrease again (and when you work the back right, your reverse).
It says "inc 1, k1, inc 1, k1, inc 1, k2 (work increased sts as purl"
Then on next ws row p2, work 5 sts 1/1 rib, purl to end
Wondering if the k2 is a mistake since the number of stitches was already 57, and then the total on the next row is 60.
Very confused. I tried looking on Bergere site to see if there was a correction page but couldn’t find one.

Maybe some kind of split collar? Ingrid’s suggestion for the increases is good and then working those increases as part of the 1/1 rib on the [I]next[/I] row. The k2 might be part of an edging since on the next row, the k2 becomes a p2, followed by the 1/1 rib using the increased sts.
What is the pattern name?

It’s at the bottom of the back. # 156 mag knit layette pattern 11 pullover top and rompers

Thanks for the name. This picture doesn’t really help because it only shows the front.
What about the directions for Finishing? Any clue there about how to join the two back pieces? Is there an opening at the bottom to give a little extra room at the waist?

All it says is "Folding the bottom 1 cm at the cast on edge of the vest to the inside of work and hem into place. Sew press studs onto back at regular spacings over 16 cm"
Which seems really dumb because it has a nice finished edge already. There’s instructions about joining the raglan seams and how to finish the neck edge and sewing sleeve seams and side seams.
I’m real tempted to skip it altogether.
What do you think about that? I’ve emailed the company but haven’t heard anything back.

salmonmac - just found this on the site you showed me:
under FAQ:

Is there an amendment to pattern BER156-11?


Cont straight in patt as established until back measures 1 ¾ in [4.5 cm] from cast on edge [end of Row 20].

Next row: k2, k2tog, work to end.

Rep this dec row on every 4 (4-6-6) rows 11 (14-6-14) times, then on every 2 (0-4-0) rows 3 (0-8-0) times. 42 (45-48-51) sts rem.

Cont straight until left back measures 7 ¼ …….

I’m assuming it means just to leave it out?

Yes, this sounds like a replacement for the original directions.
They do seem to encourage questions so if you’re in any doubt, give them a call or send an email.
Good for you for solving this!