Bergere de france pattern interlaced st - help

I am knitting a top from the most recent Bergere de france book (152) it is called the sleeveless sweater. it uses the interlaced stitch, but i am a little confused.

Row 1(rs) to row 7 inclusive -12 sts crossed right: slide 6 sts onto a cable needle at back of work, work 7 rows of stocking st on next six stitches - the yarn will be on the left - do not cut yarn, but work 7 rows of Stocking st on the 6 sts from the cable needle rep from to at the end of the row yarn should be on the left.

row 8 purl

row 9-16 12 sts crossed left (pretty much same as above)

when it says don’t cut yarn, does that mean i will have a new bobbin for each little tendril, or do i continue to use the same yarn and reach for the cable?

i tried to find an online version of the pattern, but was not able to.

I found a picture, I found a picture!! (I hope)

The instructions don’t say to knit them with a new yarn end, so I don’t think you do. Knit the 7 rows, then go back to the other sts and knit them. It’s a little like the new knitty pattern Summit only on that one you don’t cross the sts.

that is the right pattern. so i continue to use the same yarn and dont start a new ball, right?

I think it will work out. If you want to try it on a sample, CO 24 sts with some leftover yarn, and work according to the directions to see how it goes.