Beret & scarf

Hi Everyone ,
Here is a scarf that is done in mock cable and a beret i have just finished for a friends 7yr old daughter.
I am so happy with how they turned out .:slight_smile:

Very pretty! I love the color. Where did you find the beret pattern?

Hi Slim . The pattern is [U][COLOR=#666666]Snuggly DK #1711 Children’s Hats[/COLOR][/U] . It is a pattern leaflet and has six different designs of childrens hats in it .
Thank you :slight_smile:

Love them Rita. Your friend and her daughter will be thrilled. Great work as always.

:inlove: too cute!! You did a great job

I would be happy too! They both turned out great!

Very nice looking set. That is one lucky little girl!! Fantastic job as always!

they are both so pretty! i love the color!

Thanks everyone , The colour is really sweet. I actually got this yarn when i went to Wales at clearance for only 50p a ball:)

Rita, beautiful job as usual :cheering: Love the color !!!

They are really cute!

Oh, I just love that set. The color and the design are both adorable, she will be so darn cute in it!

Really lovely and the colour is just perfect for a little girl…who has a very talented Mama

Fab set, nice work; Sirdar makes nice patterns.

My o my! They are a beautiful set! You really did a wonderful job! :thumbsup:

Your photography (and the background) really turned out well!

Aww, they’re so cute! I think that little girls look adorable in berets. :slight_smile:

Don’t you just love Shaw’s! They do some great bargains in there for yarn, and you’ve knitted it up so lovely. I bet the little 'un won’t want to take it off!

Ellie ! You are so right . She has it on all the time but she tells her mum to take them home so someone at school does not steal them .
Very cute :slight_smile:

wow that is a great present. I myself would love that too. Very lucky little girl, and it is the prettiest color you choose too.