Beret pattern w/o circular needles?

i’ve searched and searched and would rather not look anymore. i’ve made a lot of beanies but none in the round. i always stitch up the back once i’ve finished. and i have one pair of circular needles but they’re not the right size for all the beret patterns i’ve been running into.

is there one out there where i can just stitch up the back?
please oh please.

[color=indigo]I made this one for my daughter for Christmas.[/color]

I’ve made two of these and they come out great! I had some Lionbrand Image that is discontinued in my stash and it came out light and fluffy.

For me, I have to use size 8 needles instead of 7’s and just before the ribbing of the band started on size 3 needles I did a decrease row of knit 8, knit 2 together because the first hat I did was a little loose.

Here’s one on straight needles.

Another one.

Twosome Beret.