Bent dpns

Hi i accidentally sat on an aluminum dpn, a rather skinny one, and bent it really badly, i managed to straightnen it out somewhat, but it is still quite bent. can i still use them? will it affect my knitting?


I have bent aluminum dpn. The best thing IMO is to try it and see how it works. If it works for you, use it, if it doesn’t…

im sure if it was aluminum to tell you the truth, but i know it is a metal one…

Whatever they’re made of, the only way I know to see if it’s OK to use them is to try it and find out. I’ve managed to bend some metal fixed circs but they still work OK for me.

It will only be a problem if your yarn catches or something. Being bent won’t affect the stitches in any way.

thanks for all your help, i did try it and it seemed to be ok, but i wound up getting new needles anyway, it was time to get new ones anyhow :wink: