Bent DPNs!

I have been knitting some gloves on 2mm addi DPNs. They where lovely to knit with (a bit fiddly at first thogh, my fingers felt like sausages!) but now i have finished using them, i have realised that my sausage fingeredness has bent them so they all have a slight curve :???:

any idea about how i can make them all lovely and straight again?

:shrug: A lot of my Clover Bamboo needles, especially in the smaller sizes, are bent. I kinda like it, actually. They fit more comfortably in my hand when they are bent.

yeah i don’t think there is any way to straighten them really without making them worse. If you didn’t notice that they were bent until you had the work off the needles, i would guess that you have made them form fit to your hands.

:teehee: same here…all my dpns are bent and I agree it seems to fit better in my hand… I’ve bent Knit picks options and bamboo ones…

One of my sox stix broke though in the middle of a sock… the other 4 are now all bent and I wonder when I will lose another…:oo:

I like 'em bent:eyes:
My Addi turbos are bent and after I accepted that they were going to stay bent, I found that they fit in my hands better. Not that I would intentionally bend my other needles but they bent to fit my hands and so I figure they’re not really broken but ‘adapted’ to me!:wink:

I think bent very small # dps are just ‘something that happens’ especially with the wooden ones. I have found that over time the very small # needles finally break…right in the middle. My suggestion is that you save all your nonbroken needles to fill in as you need them when the others break. The metals bend but don’t break…but, I so love the feel of the wooden ones!

oh thats good to hear, i thought perhaps i had been dreadfully mistreating them.

ITs knid of nice to think i now have one-of-a-kind-for-my-hands-only needles :yay:

Almost all my dpn’s have a slight curve to them. Especially the smaller ones (sizes 00 to 4) I think they just take a natural curve to your hands so they fit YOUR hands perfectly! :smiley: