Bent DPNs; Q & Tragic Epic

Short story:
I have a set of aluminum 8" Addi DPNs, and they are slightly bent. I don’t have a vise or anything like that, can they be straightened easily without tools or strength?


PS Feel free to skip the following whiny novel I wrote.

Long story:
For my birthday, I asked for the 4" Addi aluminum DPNs (glove needles) in sizes 0-4, but I particularly wanted the size 0s, as I liked my size 0 5" wooden DPNs, until one snapped on me mid-project, just during normal knitting. So my mom ordered some online, and they arrived— size 4, 3, 2, 1 but the size 0s were 8", not 4". There is some confusion as to whether my mother misordered, by punching in the wrong number, or if the website accidentally put the wrong size in…so I tried to make good, there’s a price difference between the 4" and 8" (4" ones are more expensive!!!) and my mom’s CC had only been charged for the 8" so I sent off a check for the difference plus shipping, and returned the 8" size 0 Addis in the same packaging I’d received them in. However, I did NOT pay for insurance/delivery confirmation/etc…

More fool I, as I just received the 8" Addis back in the mail, bent, with my check back, and a nice note saying that since they weren’t in saleable condition, they couldn’t be exchanged. It was nice of them to send them back, and it was nice of them not to charge me shipping for sending them back, but I’m still really bummed out. They are all bent at the tips, and one is bent almost 45 degrees.

So now, not only do I have no 4" size 0s, the 8" Addis may be unusable (and I didn’t want them anyway! I already have long aluminum Susan Bates size 0 DPNs, as well as long wooden size 0 DPNs.)


I also have a paranoid delusion that the perfectly nice website people are really sadists that enjoy torturing customers, and somehow knew that the size 0s were the ones I REALLY wanted, and have caused all this to happen on purpose just to make a bad day worse. Gah.

On a brighter note, I have not one, not two, but three new things set to TiVo tonight that I like to watch: Avatar the Last Airbender, which just started it’s new season last week (and don’t I feel RIDICULOUS for liking a show intended for 6-11 yo boys) NUMB3RS, which has its season premiere tonight, and Doctor Who, where the Master may destroy Earth, and I can crush on David Tennant a little.

e, who has just cheered herself up, a little

Isn’t it nice to vent a bit?:hair:I just spent the last 2 hours with my TIvo, grey’s and csi. I’m all emotioned out:pout:

I assume by “bent” that you mean the whole needle kind of curves, like a ) as opposed to a 7? Most of my smaller DPNs are curved, even the wooden ones. It hasn’t affected how they knit, though.

Hope this helps!

I watch Avatar, too, with my 12-year-old daughter! We’ve been waiting what felt like forever for season 3 to start. :woot:

I’m rather appalled that the company sent the unwanted and defective needles back to you. Maybe it’s just me, but that sounds like poor customer service.