Benefits of Bamboo

I thought this was interesting.,2025,DIY_14141_5555531,00.htmlOkay, so I am a nurse - maybe not as interesting to you ?? :aww:

Hmmmmmmmm, that is VERY interesting. I too am a nurse and always wonder what GERMS are clinging to my clothing!!!

I :heart: bamboo for that same reason!

Now I have a good reason to explain to hubby why I NEED the more expensive needles :slight_smile: It’s healthier hun :slight_smile: Heehee Thanks for that, I’m not a nurse but still nice to know.

That’s really neat!

So $8 for 50g of bamboo is what I need to not catch the crud that my son currently has? Since it would be for medical purposes, do you think I could use our supplemental medical expense account to buy it? Could I deduct it as a medical expense? I’m seeing some grand possibilities here!

even if i weren’t a nurse, i’d think that was fascinating too!

Those are the main reasons I LOVE bamboo diapers!! Now if they could just make bamboo fabric a little bit cheaper and easier to get I would be in heaven!!:inlove:

[B]Olive Oil,

Thank You. I have already started knitting hat with 100% bamboo. NOw I think I’ll knit a shawl, sweater everyting with it! [/B]