Belt loop stitches and lock stitch markers?

Hi all,

I’m knitting a gorgeous Noni bag and I’ve gotten to a part of the pattern I’ve never done before. It says k2 then alternate (k1, k1 and put it on a lock stitch marker held to front) 3 times (3 stitches on lock marker held to front) then knit to 8 stitches before next marker, and again alternate k1, k1 and put that stitch on a lock marker held to front) 3 times (3 stitches on a lock marker)

I pulled up loop stitches on YouTube, but do they mean do 3 separate loop stitches? Or 3 in one? And what does the lock marker refer to?

Thanks ahead of time to anyone that attempts to help me lolol

Lock stitch markers are little safety pins without the loop at one end. You could use any open stitch marker (one that can go on and off the stitch) or you could use a safety pin or a paper clip. You want to hold those sts until the instructions tell you what to do with them. Somewhere later on, they’ll be picked up and worked.
What are the instructions in the area of the loop stitch? Usually you make one per stitch.

Wow that’s it? Alright great! Thanks. The instructions are just what I typed in. It will be for where a belt loop goes. If it’s just a safety pin that’s needed, it seems they made it more complicated. Why not say k2 and slip lock marker in next three stitches. That’s what I’ll be doing right?

Actually, you should k2 and then k1, ki and put the st on a holder, k1, k1 and put the st on a holder, k1, k1 and put the st on a holder. That way you’ll be alternating k1 with a k1 onto the holder.