Bella's mittens

I am starting these:
but I am confused, the pattern says
Horseshoe cable pattern (reference)
rows 1-6: knit across
Row 7: 6-st LC, 6-st RC
Row 8 knit across

then the pattern starts and no where in the pattern where it goes row by row do I see rows 1-6 knit across, am I missing something? I don’t see anywhere where is says do horseshoe cable pattern…

They want to make sure you knit the [B]15 st section[/B] without ribbing it (knit across).

1-6 is the cuff and the 15 st - section of knits where the cable will sit.
the next row is rib and the cable cross and more rib

thank you, maybe I was confused because I am doing them on DPN’s and the pattern states doing them with the magic loop method? I get what you are saying…

Yes, the rows 1 to 6 referenced in the cable pattern are just telling you the first six rows of the overall 8 row pattern repeat. That’s separate from the actual pattern. (If you look at any pattern with a “fancy” pattern stitch, it will generally have that pattern stitch written out by row separately or charted.)

The method you use (DPNs instead of ML) shouldn’t make a difference.