Bell Lace, Barbara Walkers A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns

Has anyone knitted the Bell Lace pattern (p 291), Barbara Walkers book, A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns?

I have been pouring over it for days. I did a swatch of just one motive, but can’t get a swatch of two motives, I just can’t get the right number of stitches to complete row 13, thought I may have found an error in pattern on row 13, I reversed the sl 1, k2tog,psso, and the ssk. That seemed to get the count right, then on row 16, I didn’t have the right number of stitches to do that row. It is a multiple of 18 plus one, so to do two motives I cast on 37 stitches, then I put two stitches on each end for a border on my swatch.

Maybe I just don’t understand how to work a stitch count change, that is what is giving me so much trouble.

Thank you for any help you can give me,

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I don’t have the book but you could quote row 12 and if the mistake is there, maybe we can figure it out.
Do the original instructions use 2 sts for a border or are you adding on an extra 2sts, i.e., casting on 39sts total?

I have the book, and I agree with you. There is something wrong with row 13. Not sure what, though.

I’m still studying row 13. I now think the count is right, and the tricky part is starting with a k2tog, but not repeating that for the second repeat of the pattern.

I like to chart the patterns in this book, but this particular pattern looks impossible, because of the varying counts on each row.

OK - this was too much thinking this early in the morning. But I think I’ve got it. (By jove and all that.)

Looking at rows 15 and 16 and counting for two repeats:
Row 15 has a total of 41 stitches - K1 to start, then 20 stitches between the ** for each repeat.
Row 16 also has a total of 41 stitches - p5 to start, 20 stitches on the first repeat and 16 on the second.

The direction at the end of Row 16 isn’t to p5 [I]after[/I] the last repeat, but that the last repeat ends with p5 [I]instead[/I] of a p9.

“…, k2, p9; rep from *, end last repeat p5”

If it was supposed to be p5 after the last repeat, it would just say p5 after that comma.

ETA: Same thing is happening back at row 13. There are 37 stitches in row 11 (and 12) and you work 37 stitches in row 13. The last stitch of the last repeat decreases two stitches (ssk) instead of three (s1-k2tog-psso).

I sure want to thank all of you for your replies. It is great to get so much help and feedback, I appreciate it very much!

I poured over this pattern for five days or so. I finally did get a swatch with two motives, and a couple stitches for the border. I think the biggest reason I was having so much trouble, was since I was making two motives I used stitch markers to divide them, but what was confusing was since the stitch count changes, you have to go into the next section for more stitches and move the markers back and forth.

I am learning how to chart patterns, so now that is the next challenge!

Thanks to all of you!:muah: