Bell Bottom Scarf

I saw a scarf with bell shape on each end of the scarf in my lys that was created using “Reynold’s” fusion yarn.

:XX: I bought the yarn and decided I’d figure the pattern out as I went. (I did count the # of total cast on stitiches but failed to count the decreases that formed the bell.) What I do know–You cast on 40, decrease to 20, then knit until you get to the other end of the scarf, then reverse pattern to create the bell shape.

Anyone seen this pattern anywhere? :thinking: I’ve started mine but am not sure if I should of increased more rapidly to give a more exaggerated bell shape.


I saw some Reynolds fusion scarves here, but I’m not so sure it’s what you are talking about.

I went back to lys and got my info. about the scarf from the creator.

It’s really a cute scarf–made using Reynold’s fusion. Cast on 60 stitches, knit for 15 to 20 rows. decrease all at once on following row to 20 stitches. Makes a great tulip or bell bottom shape at ends of scarf.