Believe it or not, I've started my Christmas knitting

Right now I’m finishing up a blanket for a dear friend - an old basketweave pattern from Red Heart that uses Super Saver and Symphony knit together (that should give you a clue as to how long this yarn has been in my stash, lol!)

After that, I’m planning on making mittens and hats from some Plymouth alpaca that I picked up. I’ve never worked with it, but the people I’m making gifts for live in cold climates so I wanted to try it. I’ve also heard that for most people it is more tolerable than wool (I guess I’ll find out, as I can’t tolerate wool).

I’d like to try and make myself a cardigan from some of the alpaca, as I’m always freezing in the winter. I’m a very slow knitter, though, so that may end up being for winter 2016-2017.:teehee:

You’re so good to be starting on Christmas gifts. I’m a slow knitter, too but we’ll both get there in the end. The alpaca should be lovely to work with. Enjoy!

and here I was, thinking…

Hallowe’en will be here soon…

I’m knitting a few Goth people, and lots of bats. (the flying kind, not the Blue Jays kind)

Maybe some pumpkins.

I wish I didn’t have to think about it this early, but I’m probably the slowest knitter you’d ever see.:teehee: