Being gaslighted by pattern


I just dont understand what Im meant to be doing. James c. Brett, Jb289, marble chunky jacket.

I just dont understand what it means by work moss-st panels as now set? Plus, with the decreases, the cable pattern doesnt work accross the stitches on the needle. Ive even checked it on a calculator, and they dont work.

What am I doing wrong? The very few reviews of this available have nothing negative to say, so it must be a misunderstanding on my part.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :no_mouth:


The decreases mean that you won’t be able to repeat the pattern exactly the way the pattern repeat rows are written. There will still be moss stitch between the cable panels but you will need to look at the previous rows and columns of sts to know how to work the current row. Maintain the cable columns and don’t let them shift but adjust the moss stitch in between to take the decreases into account.