The gamer geek in me was sad, sad, sad last week with the passing of Gary Gygax. Gygax was the father of Dungeons & Dragons.

What does a geeky gamer chick do ? She knits a beholder!

That’s full of awesomeness

:thumbsup: it looks great!

That is freaking awesome!

This might be a stupid question, but I’m brand new to yarn-related pastimes. The pattern you linked to is for crochet, but the one you made is knitted. I thought I read somewhere that it wasn’t really possible to “convert” or “translate” a crochet pattern for knitting. Is it possible after all, or are you just super incredibly talented? Or both? :slight_smile:

Thanks from one geeky gamer chick to another!

Well, if it’s single crochet basically you just knit instead of crochet, following the proper increases and decreases. You might get a different size since the gauge is probably different, but all I’ve converted were toys, and they worked just fine!

That is cool!


Becky, my husband says “Fine job on the Beholder!” He’s a real Lovecraft enthusiast. He also wants to know if you’d like a commission to knit him a Nightgaunt. He’s serious!

I like your beholder also, but I’m not up to knitting anything like he wants.

As a fellow gaming geek I must say… That is freakin’ awesome! What a wonderful job and I’m sure Mr. Gygax approves from the great beyond.

As an aside, did you see the [I]Order of the Stick[/I] In Memoriam strip?


Holy cow… that looks kinda difficult… LOL

But you never know what I’ll try next. My daughter and I collaborate on alot of projects. I will show her the picture and see what she thinks we could do.

What I’ve read made total sense to me… I hope I can make it as easy for you & I’m not sure if works on anything other than a solid piece. (No idea how lacy crochet would translate)

single crochet = one row of knit
double crochet = one knit, one purl row
triple crochet = one knit, one purl, one knit
& so on…

All the decreases and increases done the same & with the technique that you like best.

awwww… great strip! I’m all weepy again.

Holy cow… that looks kinda difficult… LOL
Yeah, but does he wear scarves, no.

If you could make a Nightgaunt, you would be the Queen of Spooky Knits.

Woo! Glad to see someone else makes DnD stuff :wink: Although I’m not playing in the current game at my friend’s house, cause of health reasons, I often go along with my boy and sit and knit while listening in. So far I’ve made them all knitted or crocheted versions of their weapons, and since Beholders feature widely in this campaign I was going to make some of them! And a celestial badger, for my honey :wink:

I want to make swords! Do you have a pattern? Are yours life size? Toy size? Share!!!

I’m so excited! Leah, aka Magic Knitter, asked me to write up my knit version of her crochet pattern! She is going to link it on her blog & possibly have it linked on AntiCraft! (to quote my daughter) [B]OMG!!!

[/B]My versions on my blog & ravelry.
I’m going to go freak out now.

Ooh, thank you so much for the key! I am so impatient to get past the scarf-and-dishcloth stage so I can put it to use! Unfortunately my last 3 months of grad school was probably a bad time to get a new hobby, lol. But I’m pushing onward!

Sorry for the lack of reply - not been on for a few days! I’m in the process of making and writing a pattern for a sword, they’re usually mini versions because of yarn price restrictions, but they seem to enjoy hitting each other with them nonetheless :wink: So far I’ve got the patterns written for shurikens (throwing stars) and nunchuks, but am writing out the patterns for the spiked chain, a shield, a sword, a spellbook, a badger and a crossbow. I think the crossbow is going to need wire in it to help hold its shape, but that’s fine :wink: I’ll try and get some pics taken and show you guys :slight_smile: I’m also in the middle of writing out the pattern for the companion cube from portal, so I’ve got lots of writing to do!

Woohoo! Sounds like I will want to make all of them!