Behind the Times with Entrelac

OK, so after posting a reply to a post about entrelac, I realize I’m about a year behind what everyone was doing.
I just discovered entrelac myself. It was mentioned in a book by Monica Ferris, “An Embroidered Truth”, a mystery with a heroine who owns a craft store. Anyway, she mentioned entrelac, so I looked it up in my trusty “Big Book of Knitting”, and gave it a try.

I loved it, and now I’d like to know where the “Danica” pattern is – is it a scarf? Any help would be appreciated, and I really enjoyed all the threads from last year that showed the entrelac projects.

I don’t always have Internet access, since my husband and I travel in our motorhome all summer, but I’ll check back when I can.

I really enjoy this web site!

Danica pattern

Thank you very much, knitting_guy! I went to the link, and “printed” the instructions to a .pdf file to save it until I have access to my printer.
I love life on the road, but miss the six months we spend in one place, when everything is all hooked together, and I have DSL!


Entrelac can be done with selfstriping yarns like SWS, Rowan Tapestry, Noro, Boku and a bunch of others. Those yarns generally come out with one color per block.

I just (finally) completed my first entrelac scarf. It was a fun technique! Hope you enjoy doing yours.

I have knitted the danica several time, and the best it has ever come out was when I did it with the patons SWS. very cool look!

I have also tripled the width on it and am making a baby blanket out of the pattern now.

To be honest… i am sick to death of entrelac now…lol

I can understand that! I started my scarf at the end of Feb, and just finished it the last week of June! I had to put it down a number of times and do other projects just to get a break. :slight_smile:

I did complete an entrelac project. You can see the result at the thread I started, “Trying Out Entrelac”.
Thanks as always for your comments!:muah: