Beginning the heel of a top down sock

This is my first time knitting socks and the directions for the heel are confusing. Can someone translate into English. I’m using a Patons pattern #500861 page 27. The directions say:

“Make Heel"
Slip last 16 sts of last rnd and knit first 16 sts of next rnd onto one needle for Heel. Divide rem 2 sts onto 2 needles for INSTEP”

Hi and welcome to Knitting Help and the wonderful world of sock knitting!
You’ve just finished a round with 34sts on the needles. Slip the last 16sts that are on the right hand needle (these are sts you’ve already knit) onto a needle for the heel. Now use that needle to knit the next 16sts which are on the left hand needle (these are the next sts you would knit for the next round). Put the next st on a dpn and then the following st onto another dpn. These sts are going to be worked for the instep which is the part of the sock that goes over the top of the foot. You’ll have 32sts on one needle, one st on each of two needles.
It seems like fewer sts for the instep than usual but maybe there’s something tricky happening later in the pattern. Was the round just completed in fact 34sts?

Thanks Salmonmac,

I’m using dpn. The last rnd was 21 sts. I have 21 sts on the first needle. 21 on the second needle, and 22 on the third needle. Total 64 sts before I begin making the heel.

Maybe the 34 sts you’re refering to are the sts remaining after I slip 16 and knit 16. I MADE A TYPO IN QUOTING THE DIRECTIONS; The last sentence should read: "Divide rem [B]32 sts[B] onto 2 needles for INSTEP.

It probably makes much more sense then dividing two sts, lol.

Ok, pls forgive my typo in the first post. I have total 64 sts.

I have slipped the 16 sts from the right hand needle onto the new dpn. This leaves me with 5 sts remaining on the right hand needle. Do I ignore these 5 sts and knit the next 16 sts from the left hand needle?

OK, 64 sts total makes more sense. You’re going to have 32sts on the first needle, that’s the 16 from the right needle and the 16 from the left. The remaining sts will be divided onto 2 needles, so 16sts each needle. So, yes, ignore those 5sts for the moment. The 5sts left over on the right needle will beome part of the 16sts on the second instep needle