Beginning Strip Pattern

Pattern is Spotted by designer von-hintrem-stein. Purchased pattern through Ravlery.

Page 5, right column on page 2.4
At the same time
Begin stripe pattern in R15 (RS): using CC [slip1 wyib, wrap1] 17 times (34 sts), pm, cut CC, slip 20, pm, rejoin CC and [slip1 wyib, wrap1] to end, cut CC.

slip 1 wyib, wrap1 is giving me the headache and grief. Please explain.

Thank you

This pattern stitch should be explained in notes at the beginning of the pattern. Wyib is with yarn in back but the wrapped stitch may be particular to this pattern. There are ways of wrapping the yarn around a stitch but those ways may not be what the designer had in mind (see the wrap part of wrap&turn, for one way to wrap).
There’s also a photo tutorial with this pattern. Does that show the wrap?
What an elegant sweater! I’ve added it to my favorites.

I feel so stupid went over saved pattern and printed pattern and WaaLaa a
page is missing. I’ve had a lot of issues with my ancient laptop so it’s
time to bite the bullet and get a new one if I’m not going to drive myself
Your a saint, thank you for your help.


Well, great. In a way, the easiest answer. I just started up a new computer with Win10 and other than not knowing where anything is, I’m good. Good luck with the sweater and post a photo if you’d like. It’s a very elegant look.