Beginning projects

What are some really good, easy projects for people that are just learning how to knit can do?

Little kids don’t always have a long concentration span, they don’t want to have to keep knitting and knitting for what seems like forever. They want results fast! Believe me, I know. I have younger siblings.

And what about adults? If they’re just learning, would it be ok to start them out on scarves or something else that’s kind of “childish”?

I don’t think anyone considers scarves childish. Most of us made a scarf for our first project.

As for kids. I learned to knit when I was a kid and I liked to make bookmarks. Just garter stitch because that’s all I knew how to do. I also made Barbie skirts.(bookmarks sideways)

Hey I just thought of something. I am wanting to teach my daughter to knit. and when you mentioned Barbie skirts, I thought of friendship bracelets. It would be only a few rows and not very long. Quick results and something she can show off and give as gifts.
Could turn out nicely with that yarn that makes its own pattern. Hmm… :XX:

Hey Daydreamer,
I (re) started knitting about 10-11 months ago and I found that knitting scarves was the best thing to practice. I found some pretty novelty yarns that didn’t show up too many mistakes, they made some great scarves for myself and my friends and I felt like a pro. After a while I used progressively more difficult patterns. As for children, I guess a scarf would feel a little too much. I did find a great site the other day with some relatively simple patterns, maybe this would be what you are looking for, I believe that you are expected that you will use the patterns for charity, you can always donate some to your local hospital.

Good Luck!


Oops, I took another look at those patterns, they look a bit too complicated. How about bean bags (for throwing/juggling)? Great fun for kids:

or a dishcloth (not so exciting for kids)

or headbands

Just do a google search for beginner knitting pattern and see what takes your fancy.


Those are great. Thanks y’all! :smiley: :lol: :smiley: