Beginning of Row Cast On?

'Allo 'allo!
I’m having a go at a one “knitted in one piece” sweater again…:wall: What can I say, I just seem to love to punish myself?
Can anyone help me with a cast on at the beginning of a row? The instructions tell me to cast on 2 stitches at the beginning of each end of a row. I can handle the end of the row no bother, but all attempts to get a cast on at the beginning just looks a giant mess :doh:
The cast on asked for is backward loop and seems quite easy at a row end, but at the beginning it leaves a big hole.
If there is a knitting wizard out there who can recommend either a different beginning of row cast on method that is neater or an easier way altogether I’ll be most grateful. I did a cheat and added the 2 stitches to the end of the row then at the end of the following row - not strictly according to the knitting police rule book :fingerwag: but before I pull it out again, do let me know if I can get away with it?! :noway: or if I need to mend my ways and sort this out right proper.
As always, many thanks for all your help!

You can do it at the beginning of the row–use a knitted or cable cast-on. You’ll have to work those stitches next, so technically they are at the end of the previous row.

That’s what I always do. If a pattern says to cast on at each end, I cast on at the beginning, but knit them, and then cast on at the end. I don’t really think there’s a better way to do it, and it really doesn’t make a difference in the end. We’re talking two stitches. No pattern will be bothered by two ‘extra’ stitches.

Thank you once again for your help Ingrid. I’ll go for the cable cast on at the beginning - I like working this cast on. I usually end up trying something first while hubby is on the computer to see if my ingenuity works and then end up coming to Ingrid for her wisdom on the [I]right[/I] way to do it! I should sort myself out and go straight for an Ingrid SOS! :yay:
Many thanks as always for keeping me knitting in the highlands whatever snags I hit. Hope this helps another knitter out there too! Just what I like about this forum. So much info, so much help.