Beginning knitting


I was in the middle of a glove pattern but I have to put it aside for the moment because I have an urgent request to knit a beanie for a very important person.

It needs to be very good, so I was wondering how many ways are there to cast on and which is the best method. Does anyone have any tips or videos to share, please?



There are dozens of ways to cast on, some better suited to different projects, some just a matter or personal preference. Some work better with different yarns than others.
For hats, I like The German twisted cast on. It’s a variation on long tail and is a bit stretchier. A tubular cast on is pretty with k1p1 rib because it looks neat and has lots of give although it can be a bit fiddley to work. If you don’t need so much stretch because of the yarn or ribbing, the long tail works well.

I agree it’s personal preference more than anything and I prefer the Long tail cast on

I use long tail because it’s easy and I think it looks fine. Seems plenty stretchy for me, too. I like German twisted, but because I don’t do it often I always have to look it up.

I like the long tail cast on too; it is stretchier than the knitted cast on, for example. I have never attempted the German twisted cast on before, but then again, I have not had the occasion to knit hats.

I use the German Twisted as in the video. Someties just long tail. My basic ruule is if it works for you, it’s right.

Find one you are confortable with that meets the neets of what you are making and you are in.

I assume there will be some ribbing to start so I’d test various cast ons and see what works best for you. Maybe use a larger needle to CO than for the work.

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