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_**I am a relatively newish knitter hailing from Connecticut. Our knitting shop closed and it was my lifeline and social Wednesday occurrence. So I am knitting the Professor Sweater and of course stuck on the next row. What does it mean at the end of a row “8 stchs included”? Thank you. Dee

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Very cute pattern.
On row 5 for example, it means that having completed the kfb 8 times, you will hane increased 8 sts.

Thank you so much for your assistance! Sometimes I’m reading the directions and they just don’t make sense even though it is in English!!! So, all I will end up with is 8 more stitches. Easy peasy!

You’ve got it! Sometimes I find that reading the directions out loud helps.

Good Morning. Since you’ve been so helpful I was wondering if you can assist with the Body directions of the Professor Sweater. I understand St st for 3” from armhole. Does that mean that you are just doing the back of the garment and just leaving the sleeves on waste yarn until you get the the Sleeves section??? Thanks, so appreciated. D

You’re going to work 3 inches st st on the left front, back and right front, i.e. the body of the sweater. Yes, the sleeves are on hold until you get to the sleeve section.

Thanks for your support! Just love the capability of this service.


A quick question. When I’m on dividing for the sleeves, K28, remove m, place next 40 sts on waste yarn, remove m, CO 8 sts for underarm, etc. Do I cut off the yarn from the K28 since I have to CO 8 for the underarm? Just want to make sure that I am snipping the yarn and not making a mistake. I hope I am not bothering you and I have made myself somewhat clear. Again, in advance, thank you :slight_smile:

No bother at all. We’re delighted with questions here.
Don’t cut the yarn. Knit (place the sleeve sts on hold) and cast on right there, next to the 28 knit sts. No need to cut the yarn.
In the video, the cast on is over bound off sts whereas you will have sts on hold but the idea is the same. You’ll be connecting the back and front with 8sts cast on. Use the second method shown in the video.


Great! When I cast on it will be right after putting the yarn on waste yarn and the yarn is still attached where I finished K my 28 sts. So there will be a line of yarn across the ones on the holder is that right?

No, you’ll be looping out the sts on the scrap yarn. (Scrap yarn is better to use here because it is more flexible.) You are going to knit the body of the sweater starting from the underarms. You don’t want any gaps or long strands here.

I don’t recommend the cast on used here but the idea of joining front to back is nicely shown.

Good Afternoon! I have started the color stripes in the body of the sweater and it states to knit 2rows. I think I am over thinking this, but is a purl row (WS), 1 row, and the a knit row (RS) 1 row = 2 rows? Thanks for your assistance, you are a lifesaver.


Yes, that’s exactly right. You can actually count the rows in the contrasting stripes in the photo.

You are the best! Thank you so much! I appreciate your immediate answer to my query.

Good Afternoon. Still working on the Professor Sweater and ready for the next step… seed stitch for 14 rows. The seed stitch is just K1, P1. Is that correct? Next row would be P1,K1 and do on up the rows? Was good nag to add a picture but couldn’t see where to take a photo.

That’s right for seed stitch. When you see a V from the previous row, purl it; when you see a bump from the previous row, knit it.

Again thanks for taking the time to respond. Sometimes I’m so apprehensive about going ahead. It’s so nice to have an expert by your side for support. Thank you.

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Thanks for your answer, but I’m losing my mind(maybe a sign of a diligent knitter?). So after working evenly in a St st until body from armhole hole measures 7”; you change to a size 3 circular needle. Then-K 14 rows, not the seedstitch! I thought it was seed stitch, but I read it again and it’s just a knit. Then BO sts. Right?

Yes, it’s knit every roe (the resulting pattern is called garter stitch). You should have 7 ridges and you can see them in the photo.

Thank you for your reply and quick support. What a great system!