Beginning for beginers

I grow tired of scarves. I started a sweater. Big project but what the hay.
I’m supposed to rib knit the bottom. I keep forgetting what sequence I’m on…K P K or P K P. My sweater is 1 inch wide. It’s taken me about 3 months and it’s so tight my hands hurt after about 15 min. I’m discouraged but I don’t want to go back to scarves. Any help would be great.
Thank You


I’m making a blanket right onw. So I can sympathse with the sore hands part.

As far as remembering what sequence your on, try a few tricks. If your knitting one side and purling the other, then you have smooth side and a bumpy side

You knit the smooth side and purl the bumpy That’s how I remember my blanket squares also. :wink:

Good Luck!


If I understand you correctly it sounds like you need to learn what the stitches look like. Ribbing is a series of knits and purls in varying numbers. A knit stitch is a purl stitch on the other side and vise versa, SO to rib you need to knit the knits and purl the purls. Here’s a little photo of what the stitches look like. Knits look like they are wearing a scarf and purls look like they are wearing a turtleneck. :wink: Before long you’ll be doing it with your eyes closed! Well, okay…not with your eyes closed, but…you get the idea. :teehee:

Thank you for your help, I never noticed that before.
PS my projects have plenty
of extra hair!

If you find your work is too tight to knit comfortably, you can try using a larger size needle, to help loosen it up.

You can also do quick projects like a hat. They only take a couple hours generally and are a good quick knit to make in between longer projects.

When I am knitting never ending scarves or sweaters I like to keep a quick knit in mind for when I need some instant gratification.

good luck.

If you are having to knit real tightly to get gauge maybe you need to use a smaller needle so that you will still get gauge, but be able to relax and knit looser. Experiment a little with some small swatches. Knitting tightly is what hurts my hands.