Beginning for Baby

Hi, I’m just starting on my knitting journey. I have begun because i’m cloth diapering my 5th child and I really want to knit her some pretty soakers and longies as covers. So far I can CO, K, P, and bind off. That’s about it. Just wondering if any of you know of a good pattern for soakers/longies for a beginner. I have looked at a few, but they still seem way too complicated. It also looks like I am gonna have to learn to knit in the round as well. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated. I’m gonna work on a dishrag when the kids all go to bed.:stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t know of any patterns [except to knit something in the same shape as a diaper??] but…

If you can Knit, Purl, Cast On and Cast Off – then you can make just about anything you want!

Congratulations and WELCOME to the Wonderful World of Knitting!
:woohoo: :cheering:


All soaker patterns are going to have you doing some increases or decreases and probably some ribbing. When you get to a point where you don’t know what you’re doing come here and ask and check the videos here in KH. I’ll also add some links for other help, too. You can do it!

Here are some patterns. I haven’t done one, but there are many people here who have and would be willing to help you out. :wink:

I’m considering purchasing this pattern to make for my baby.

The following patterns are free and would also work for longies…

You can find a whole bunch of links to free soaker patterns here.

Here’s another great list, of both free and paid patterns. AND it will tell you which ones are made flat, which are made in the round.