Beginning a new sock

Am using some italian yarn, it feels like string.
I don’t think I’ll buy it again. But, here is the progress, so far,
on #2 dpns.

Now you see why I had so much trouble switching over to wool after using the italian? LOL The italian knits pretty quickly though…

It’s lovely yarn!! I’m sure it will knit up pretty quick. (But can I admit that I hate knitting socks since they are on such small needles!!)

You get used to the needles, and I love knitting socks! lovely job so far!:yay:

String? That ain’t no steekin’ string! String is thin laceweight… aaaaargh!

Lookin’ Good!! :happydance:

:slight_smile: And the addiction is fed! Just so you know, I worked my sock last night, did about 3 inches I think…I should take a pic as proof… :wink: But I’ll keep at it and do the FO pic!