Beginnging Egding Question

I was watching some videos from knitty gritty

video titled edgy knitting)

and i was wandering about edging… I’m trying to formulate a sweater with some fancy schmancy edging on it and the edging i want is called fishtail border and it is from

in the video is says that to form the edging at the beginning you have to stack increases on top of increases and decreases on top of decreases to make the edging… with that understood would i follow the pattern from bottom up stacking decreases on top of decreases and increases on top of increases to make the border?

This pattern - - has a fishtail lace border and maybe you can see it better in the chart and on the top rather than in the shawl.

is there anyway to make the points stand out more like in the shawl

The points on shawl are deeper and are worked one at a time. They’re pinned out when the finished piece is blocked. It makes them really get the point. :teehee:
Lots of different ‘add on’ lace edges here.

is it possible to make each point individually to start out with… keeping them on the needles and then knit them together as 1?