Beginners question!

Hi there,

I have just started knitting this week and think I might have bitten off a bit more than I can chew. But I’m ploughing on regardless!

My question is this: The pattern says “2nd and every following alternate row - knit”. So I’m just plain knitting all the even numbered rows. Do I plain knit the very last row? At one point the 13th row instructions were then followed with “tie a coloured thread around 12 st from each end of last row to mark position of eye”. I’m assuming this meant on the 14th row of plain knit? I hope so as that is what I did. The next instruction said “Next row - blah blah blah” giving me no clue as to which number this was. I assumed that the very last row on each instruction should be a plain knit? Is that right?

I’ve made so many mistakes and keep ending up with the wrong number of stitches and trying to recover. This teddy is going to have THE weirdest shaped head!!

Thank you.

Welcome to knitting and to KnittingHelp!
In the beginning, everything is new so the best thing to do is press on, as you’re doing.
Usually the pattern tells you to do something “…every following alt row…” for so many rows (6 rows, 10 rows, whatever). Then the instructions continue. Don’t add an extra row unless you need to be on a particular side (right side or wrong side) and you aren’t.
For the placement of the eyes, it’s not critical because you can always adjust later. According to the instructions, mark the stitch after you finish the 13th row and before starting row 14.

Thank you so much. The pattern doesn’t specify how many alternate rows to knit for so it’s good to hear that most other patterns will do this! I’m also relieved to hear you say to plough on regardless, I was terrified someone would tell me I had to start again (as I have already done twice and it’s too soul-destroying!). It sounds like I have done the right moves so far, although I still think he will have a very wonky head as I kept ending rows with not enough stitches and just bunging an extra one here and there to make it up! I also have no idea about right side and wrong side, but I’m sure that will come up at some point. Thanks again.

Sometimes the pattern tells you which is WS (wrong side) or RS and sometimes you can tell from the photo. If not, then it may not matter.
Which pattern are you using? Can you give us a name or a link?

It’s Hobbycraft’s knit a teddy pattern. My 6 year old son wanted to learn to knit so we bought it. Not realising it’s waaaaay too advanced for a novice knitting 6 year old (pretty hard for a novice knitting 41 year old actually!). I just thought I would have a little go and I’ve kind of got addicted. I want to hurry up and finish it so I can get a decent pattern for something a little simpler. I’ve just read the reviews and a few people seem to think the instruction aren’t very good quality so not only is it a bit hard to start off with, but it’s just a bit rubbish to boot! I seem to be at the end of the head and about to start the nose though so I’m still ‘ploughing on regardless’!!