Beginners Question

I am working on a baby blanket. I have done several small projects in the past. When I Started the blanket I wasn’t sure how many stitches to start with so I did 150 (too many, I know now) It is about 60 inches long.
I am at 30 inches across and this is going to be way too large for a baby blanket if I make it proportional.
If I finish, I can fold it over and have a 30x30 baby blanket which seems a good size…but is this ever done? Is is not something I should do.
I thought if I fold it over and stitch the ends around with a darning needle that would work…then maybe some stitch around the whole thing to tie it together.
Does this make sense?
Is it something I should do?
Or do you have any other suggestions?
thanks so much for helping this beginer.

If you like you can fold it for a double thick fabric, but it may be too bulky. You can also just stop knitting and rip back to a 30-42" length and bind off.

Well, the long side is what is on the needles…I can’t just undo that part, can I? If so, please tell me how.
thanks for the answer

Sure. The easiest way is to take it off the needles and unravel it then put the stitches back on the needle. After you put them back on if it’s the length you want knit one more row to straighten the stitches because they sometimes get twisted then you can bind off or do your edge or whatever.

We have videos here and on the tips page there is a section on fixing mistakes which includes fixing a dropped stitch and putting in a needle on the destination row before you unravel.

I think she means the long side is what’s on the needles, she’s knitting across the width - side to side.

Zeni, I think you ought to redo it with about half the stitches, then stop when it’s a square or so. If you have 60" with 150 sts that would be a fairly thick yarn and if you folded it double, it really would be too bulky. Then you’ll have some yarn left over for another or to make another item.


you COULD just cut the extra part off. But that means serious hemming and stitch catching to stop it from unraveling completely. And seeing the use a baby blanket will get, I would not recommend that.

Rather knit it again - or make it a big blanket eventually used for an older kid or adult or couch or chair… now that you have done so much work, you might as well put the rest of the work into it.

If you knit that into a square it will be about 5 feet each way. Nice couch plaid, if you ask me!

Sorry but I would frog it and begin again. I always try to figure a way out of this dilemma but in this instance, I’d start over. Sometimes if I don’t want to frog a piece I’ve been working on I’ll figure out a different use for it. Could someone use it as a shawl? How about giving it to the new mom as a shawl and making the baby afghan to match? Then, at least, all your work might not have been in vain.


Oh, that’s a good idea. Do a baby blanket in some other yarn.