Beginners' question

I’m in the midst of continuing to practice the “Basic Techniques” on this site, and went out to buy new yarn. I had a horrible time trying to decipher all of the abbreviations and stuff that were on the label…what type of needle to use, etc. In addition, I’ve read over some of the basic patterns on this site as well as the complimentary patterns on the back of the yarn label…this all looks so Greek to me! Is there someplace on this site, or any other that will break down the definitions into layman’s terms?


Go to the basic techniques section! Start with all the things she has listed. Once you learn alll the basic increase and decrease plus knit and purl- the sky is the limit!YOU CAN DO IT

Thanks! Just curious…How long did it take you before you were ready to start your first real project?

there are also books which help decipher the info you are most likely to see on the labels- I got a bunch from the library when I just started. Stich N B*tch, beginning knitting books, a knitting book for teens… they all went into how to read a label and pick a yarn. If you have a library near you definitly check out the knitting section! If they don’t have them on the shelf, many times you can request them through an interlibrary loan from another branch or system.

my first project was a scarf. then I jumped right in to something I really wanted to try. So- go for it!

Awesome!!! :slight_smile: Thanks so much!


Click at the top of the page on the folder called “Glossary”, it explains abbreviations.

Don’t wait long to start a project. It is more fun to knit something “real”. To do the most basic scarf (a great one BTW) just requires you to know how to cast on, knit and bind off. That will be an all garter stitch scarf, it won’t curl and won’t have to be very wide. Pick a pretty yarn and get good practice for the knit stitch!

If you know more than those 3 things you can make even more things. Look around for something you think you could do and ENJOY.

i learned by knitting a scarf in garter stitch. (that is knitting every row, front and back). that teaches you a basic knit stitch, then on your next project, you can do something simple like a hat and learn the purl stitch. then you pick a pattern and just learn the abbreviations you need to know to do that pattern. then you are off and running. dont’ worry about learning all the abbreviations right now, just start knitting and have fun!

Ask the staff at the wool shop for a basic explanation! P.S. for a beginner I would recommend that you start practising basic stitches on approximately 6mm needles and wool that specifies on its label for you to use about that needle size.

Yes, use the 6mm/size 10 needles, but use regular worsted weight yarn; it should be labeled a 4 medium weight yarn. I find that using chunky yarn that’s supposed to be knit on the size 10s will be stiff and rough. There’s no rule that says you have to use the needle size mentioned on the label with a yarn…