Beginner's question on needles

I’ll apologize right now if this is in the wrong place. I am on a strictly limited budget and only have one pair of Boye US 8 straight needles. In order to do more things and make more projects, I would need more needles. Given the state of my finances (and the fact that I live in the-middle-of-nowhere Wyoming) what needle sizes and types would be best to let me knit many things? I’m making dishcloths and pot holders for friends/family while I learn different stitches, but I started knitting in the hope of making afghans and large projects.

I am at a complete loss as to what the “basic” needle set would be, and where to find such things. The closest Micheals (that I know of) is three hours away, and JoAnn’s is about two hours.

Thank you.

I know that some other people on this board will give you great advice as to what you should have for basic needs.

Have you tried looking on Ebay? You should be able to find some decent deals once you know what you are looking for. Try searching for “knitting needles.”

Given your locations, shopping online is going to be your best bet.

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i would say to buy mostly circular needles. you can knit flat with them and you can knit in the round with them. the longer ones are probably the most important. you can make your afgan on them and also do magic loop knitting with them. get the sizes that go best with the yarn that you have.

as for the store, find out if there is an A. C. Moore near you. they have plenty of supplies are great prices there.

I’m sure many people will tell you that is a GREAT place for needles and yarns at a discount. I’ve heard great things about their needles–though I’ve yet to get my own.

If you’re wanting to get into knitting for the long haul…an interchangeable set might be the most economical, but it is a lot of money to drop at one time (which is what’s been holding me back). Check out the stickies for people’s opinions about the Boye, Denise, and Knitpicks Options sets to see what might be a good fit.

As far as basics–when I first started size 8s were probably the size I used most. Now I’m knitting more things on smaller sizes. If you want to try hats and such, a 16" circular needle is a great tool you’ll get lots of mileage out of. You can knit straight items on circular needles too–so you get two types of projects out of one needle. Of if you want to give Magic Loop a go for things like hats or mittens, a 32" or 40" circular needle of whatever size will be good…and then you’ll have plenty of room for stitches for things like afghans.

And when you’re just starting, the cheaper the yarn the better! :happydance:

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Nathalie is right ebay would be a good resourse for you. You could also look into the KH store. Amy sells Denise needle sets and although I’ve never used them they have quite a fan base here. You can also watch Amy’s video on making your own needles which will save you a ton of $$$$$. You can just make a Michaels run and buy the dowels or you can get them at a hardware store like I did. The only thing you really need if you’re going to make them yourself is a guage. Oh and a pencil shapener. Good Luck and Happy Knitting.

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Thanks! I figured the internet might be my best bet, but I’ve never purchased or sold anything on ebay. Now, I may have to.

And thanks for the warm welcomes. I’m thinking that this forum may be more fun than the actual knitting.

If you have a Hobby Lobby or a Michaels near you, watch for their sales online - they frequently have 40-50% off coupons and sales.

It’s addicting…makes you feel like the teens who spend all of their time on AIM. :rofl:

for what it’s worth, i get the most use out of my size 7 bamboo circs. :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m in the middle of Wyoming in the largest city (or 2nd largest - depends on the latest census). There’s actually a Michael’s 3 hours away? Wow. If there’s a Walmart near you, they have some basic needles, usually only in 29 or 32 inch circulars, straights and a few double pointed ones. But they’re there and they’re inexpensive. I like using larger needles, so would advise 10 and 10.5 for sweaters; 11 if you want to knit scarves. You can order from Joann’s online and you can get coupons through email for discounts on items, shipping and whatever. Their sale prices are pretty good and they last several weeks.


I actually got my knitting stuff at Walmart, lol. In Scottsbluff NE though. The Micheal’s I know of is in Greeley CO. Do you know of one closer to the Platte County area?

I’m just kinda cheerfully amazed there’s another person in Wyoming on here.

I love my needles from knitpicks. You can order a set of tips and a set of cables for about $9 and then if you need more tips, you can order those separately for $4 to $7.
You could build your collection slowly and they’re interchangeable so you won’t have to buy duplicate needle sizes to get different cable sizes.

I’ve never been to Wyoming and after reading that there isn’t a walmart or michael’s near by, I’m thinking it sounds like another planet! LOL! (actually–sounds like a place I"d love–just not one I’m used to!)

Are there every flea markets, yard sales or swap meet type get togethers out there? You might browse around there–I hear of a lot of people finding needles for next to nothing at places like that.

We have 2 walmarts where I live, and Hobby Lobby and Hancock Fabrics. And a LYS, but I’m in one of the 2 largest cities. Platte County huh? At least you’re next to the Interstate. Cheyenne has a couple yarn stores, one walmart and a Hobby Lobby.