Beginners pattern question

When a pattern tells you to do a rib and you do it twice to get into it, then it says, continue doing the same until 45 rows have been knitted, does the 45 include the first 2 rows or is the total 47?

In this case I believe it means a total of 45 rows.

Depending on what you’re knitting it may not make a difference though. If you include what you’re making and a pattern link it’s helpful when you’re asking questions.

It’s out of a knitting book I’m working through, its for a small cable bag :slight_smile:

Pattern is k2 p2 first row, p2, k2 second row
repeat rows 1 - 2 until 45 rows have been worked.

I thought it meant in total, a girl at work said no thats additional :confused:

I would read it as total of 45 rows, too.

Honestly, a couple extra rows won’t make much difference if you’re knitting in the round, but I read that as 45.

If you’re knitting flat and will seam the sides then as long as you’re consistent in your row count on both sides it’ll be fine either way.

Thank you both,

Its as I saw it too but just doubted myself.

The pattern isn’t in the round so I’m going to be doing seams really enjoying being creative again