Beginners help?

My friend dared/challenged me to knit her a bikini-top for a christmas gift, and since I’m so stubborn I just had to give it a try!
So I’m completely new at knitting and this is my first project.

This is the pattern I’m doing:

I’ve actually managed to learn how to knit :wink: and I’ve knitted the two triangles. I’ve done the binding off part, although I do not understand what to do with the loose ends?? :??

There’s also this part where I have to make crotchet chains (Any good links as to where I can learn to make these? Are there different kinds of chains and if so, which one would you recommend?).

Also, I do not understand how I’m supposed to attach the longest chain to the bottom and tops of the triangles…? :??

Please, no advanced knitting-lingo… :wink:




I believe what they are saying is to do a single crochet along the bottom edge of the triangles to help secure them to the chain/tie. :think:Maybe someone else here has done this and can help.

In the meantime - Here’s a link to some crochet instructions for a chain.

and for the single crochet.

Oh and you’ll weave in the ends.

There is only 1 kind of chain in crochet, so you’re safe there. What it is telling you to do is make the chains for the neck straps and sew those on to the tops of the triangles. For the bottom of the triangles though it’s a little more complex, and you will need to learn how to single crochet.

So you make the chain, which will be the strap around the chest. Now, you will be crocheting in the bottom of the triangles. Treat the chain as if it were part of the triangle, and you will do single crochets along the bottom of the triangle, crocheting AROUND the chain. This makes the top completely adjustable, as it will be able to slide back and forth on the chain so you get the proper fit.

Hope that makes sense.