Beginners Cowl?

Looking for a cowl pattern suitable as a first project for my daughter. I am in the middle of a move or I would play around and come up with one - she is on the other side of the country and has caught the knitting bug :woohoo:
I’m thinking circular needles, plain k st to create a stockinette tube. So just needing something that says how many sts to cast on for worsted wt.

Thanks y’all!

I looked at a couple patterns and w/worsted weight most of them cast on 100 stitches.

If the whole thing is knit in stockinette, the top and bottom edges will curl, but for a cowl that will probably be cute. You could do it in garter stitch if you didn’t want it to curl.

It depends how big you want it. For one that’s close to the neck, 100 sts sounds about right. For one that you can loop around twice and/or pull part of it up like a hood, you’d need twice that.

I created a stockinette st cowl with with a traveling line pattern once… I LOVED the pattern, but the lack of edging made it curl so much that the pattern was just lost and my 11inches of knitting curled up into a fancy wool hotdog. I would highly suggest ribbing for the edge… especially if she wants to wear it ;o)