Beginner here! All I know how to do is cast on and off, knit plain and pearl. Any advice on what I should do next? Knit something or would I have to learn more?
Carina :thinking:


You have all the skills you need. There are only knit, purl, casting on and binding off. It’s the order and direction you do them that makes a ‘pattern.’

At the top of the page, Amy has a section on Getting Started you might want to look at. She has some beginner projects there, or if you want to make something else and have questions, there is always help here.

Yes, as Ingrid says, you have all the skills needed to knit! Everything is based off these few skills. You do funky things to those stitches sometimes, but that really is all there is to knitting. There are various decreases that are all based of knitting and purling. For instance you can K2tog (knit 2 together) or ssk (slip slip knit - slip two stitches onto your right needles and then knit them off with your left) or skposs (slip knit pass over slipped stitch - slip one stitch, knit the next then take the slipped stitch off your needle over the knit stitch). One trick to knitting is just follow each row as you go. If you get to a sticky area, then do each single set of directions as you go. But if you just trust the pattern (borrowing that from Ingrid) and do each thing, you will get the ending result.

Oh and don’t be intimidated by cables! Cables are just a series of knits and purls done out of order. They are actually fun!

Thank you! Ye’re so nice and helpful :heart:

Just wanted to say Hey :waving: and welcome to the forum :smiley:

:XX: I also just wanted to say hello and welcome. I’m a brand new knitter myself. This forum and Amy’s videos have taught me everything I know. So jump in, find a project and knit away !


Ye’re all so nice n friendly! I actually had a look at some of the videos and saved me asking lots of questions. Loving the website :smiley:
I’ve decided to knit myself a pair of legwarmers… Ireland’s freezing so should come in handy!
Thanks for all the nice n encouraging words -embarrased smiley-!

I am also new and I said they were nice and friendly too!! haha!! :lol: I learned how to pearl with the videos!! and so now I just need to figure out what the other things that knitncook was saying!! :oops: but yes this site works wonders!! it is amazing :happydance: Good Luck!! :thumbsup: