I have found this small company: and I really want to get into knitting but I don’t know what to buy, can I have some help on this topic please?

Welcome to KH!
There are many online sites and local yarn stores to choose from. If you’ve never knit before, take a look at online tutorials and videos or take a class at your local yarn store or craft store.
It helpful to start with about size 8 needles and a smooth, light colored worsted weight yarn. Once you can knit and purl, practice and then practice some more. When you’re confident in the stitches, looks at patterns for projects that appeal to you, scarves, dishcloths, sweaters, throws etc. There’s so much to choose from.
We’ll be happy to help along the way.

Welcome, Welcome!

I agree with Salmonmac. My addition would be to choose an acrylic yarn of some variety, and a new (as opposed to thrifted) yarn. New skeins of acrylic are likely to have a fairly tight twist, which will help limit split stitches.

By the way, you’ll see Local Yarn Store abbreviated LYS. If any questions, just ask!! We’re (usually) a friendly bunch.