Beginner with vintage pattern

Hi I am new here. I am an inexperienced knitter and to make life harder for myself I have a 1940’s vintage pattern for gauntlet gloves. I tried knitting the gauntlets but undid it as it didn’t look like the picture.

The bit that is confusing me now although there will be more later is this.

It says
next row k
next row p
next row. k 15 sl 1 wl fwd turn sl the stitch back
next row p15
nextrow k28 sl 1 wl fwd turn sl the st back
next row p28
next row k across all 42 sts
next row p to end of row
next 6 rows work in st st starting with a p row and ending with a k row to make a ridge

repeat all that 11 times 13 ridges in all.

What I did was turn when it said and just knit the 15 stitches and did not go to the end ot the row. I then did the same with the 28 stitches.

Is that what I should have done? It came out all kind of slanted which it doesn’t seem to be in the picture.

Does wool forward just mean putting it as you would for a purl stitch and does turn mean go back over just the 15 stitches?

Hope I have made myself clear and I would appreciate any help you can give me.

Thanks for reading.

Sounds like you did it correctly. You did short row/wrap shaping which makes the center of the row longer than the ends, so it may have looked funny, but it seems you followed the pattern correctly.

The wrap part of the short row shaping is the slipping of the stitch, putting the yarn forward and slipping the stitch back. This puts your yarn in position to knit and the wrap prevents a hole.

Thanks a lot for that. I will try again then. I have never done anything like this before and felt very confused.

So just to be clear you are saying that the wool forward and turn bit is called wrap? There was a slight hole where I had done that but presumably there would be a bigger hole without the procedure if you just slipped the stitch.

Anyway I am glad to know that you do just knit the stitches it says and not go to the end of the row.

I will proceed with that part then. I expect I will need to return when I get to the next scary bit where you shape the hand and use 4 needles!!

Cheers Maggi

Yes, wrap & turn is a technique you see in different patterns. Now you know how to do it!

Working with 4 needles looks very impressive, but really isn’t too hard. :thumbsup:

Cheers for that. I have started again and will let you know how it goes. Scary stuff but wonderful vintage pattern if it all comes out right.

Bye for now Maggi