Beginner With Extremely Twisted Circular Needles

Can anyone recommend circular needles that are knit friendly for a beginner :?? Is there a solution for extremely twisted needles?

when you say they are twisted do you just mean the fact that they were wound really tight for a long time in their packaging? if so dip them in hot hot water (don’t stick the wood in if they are bamboo) and then do some pulling and stretching to flatten them out.

if you mean something else, tell us what you mean. describe the twist

The hot hot water thing works well to straighten out the cable part…

I personally think that bamboo needles are best for a beginner…they are smooth enough to slide (plastic can be sticky), but not so slippery that your stitches will slip off the needle when you arent looking (that has been known to happen with metal needles).

[size=2]I almost typed “MENTAL” needles! :roflhard: [/size]