Beginner Wanting to Knit Kids' Mittens...HELP!

I have just started knitting. The only thing I have done is your most basic scarf ever! I want to knit mittens for my 2 and 3 year old niece and nephew. Every pattern I have found involves 4 double pointed needles! That just sounds way too confusing…Does anyine know of a “dummy proof” pattern that I could use…I haven’t even used circular needles yet but am willing to give it a shot. Please help as soon as you can…The mittens will be one color for now so it stays quite simple…

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It might be a good thing to grab some DPN’s and give it a shot…It really isnt that confusing once you have them in your hands and see whats going on…

there are patterns out there that are knit on 2 needles…I just did a search today for some gloves and kept getting mittens knit on 2 needles. Which means seaming.

But no time like the present to start in on DPN’s. I think they would produce a more rounded product. And you would be happy that you learned a skill you will use continuously in your future knitting.

Hope this helps.

Get bamboo double point needles. They don’t slip off like aluminum ones like to do! It’s not so hard- go for it!

If you don’t feel ready for double pointed needles, there are mitten patterns for two needles, too! You can find several patterns on the Internet. Just search for Two Needle Mitten Patterns. And good luck!

I make these all the time for gifts!