Beginner trying to under stand alt rows

Hello all,

Im wondering if anyone can help me as right now I’m utterly lost and confused.

As a beginner I thought I’d give a pattern in my knitting book a go and its for a baby’s jacket.

Im at the point of making the sleeves but I just cannot get my head around these instructions:

(there are 4 sizes that can be made: 6 months ([B]12 months[/B] - 18 months - [B]2 years[/B]) and I’m doing the 6months)

“continue in stickinette stitch and inc 1 stitch each end of needle on 3rd and every 4th ([B]alt[/B] - alt - [B]alt[/B]) row 5 ([B]6[/B]- 2 - [B]6[/B]) times to 42 ([B]44[/B] - 40 - [B]48[/B]) stitches”.

Im at 30 stitches before these instructions, and I just don’t know what rows I meant to increase on to get up to 42 stitches.

If anyone can help me, I would be most most greatful


It can be really helpful to circle or highlight the directions for the size you’re making. For the 6 months size the directions become:
“continue in stockinette stitch and inc 1 stitch each end of needle on 3rd and every 4th row 5 times to 42 stitches”.
So that means inc at [I]each[/I] end of row 3 and then rows 7,11,15,19,23. That’ll increase 12sts total and get you to 42sts.

ahhh, thank you so much !!! I didn’t even realise I was meant to create two extra stitches on the relevant rows, so that’s probably why I was even more confused.

Thanks again, you’re a star !!