Beginner sweater

hi ive decided to start my first sweater. iv’e been looking at some patterns, and found one i’d really like to try. i was wondering if being a beginner if this pattern is too hard?


It’s a top-down V-neck and it might present some challenges but I don’t see any reason you shouldn’t be able to do it. You know you can ask for help here. I’d say go for it.

thanks i will try it :slight_smile:

Very pretty!

I would recommend reading through the pattern to see if it looks doable to [I]you.[/I] At the very least, you will need to know how to knit, purl, make increases and decreases, how to cast on mid-row, and how to change colors in the round.

I do recommend this video for jogless stripes. And if you need help with any of the increases or decreases, you can check out KH’s glossary which includes lots of really helpful videos.

Otherwise, yeah, what GG said!

Thanks for advice, the pattern looks hard but do-able. i also refreshed my memory on jogless stripes and casting on mid-row. thanks for the tip!

I have to agree that reading ahead is good and all the things Antares said you’ll need to know. For me, I don’t really learn anything new until I need it. The sweater looks like it should be reasonably close to easy to do and that anything you need to know that you don’t already have experience with you can learn when you come to it. That’s my approach. I learned about raglan increases, buttonholes, seaming, and probably a lot more with my first real project, a hooded, button-front cardigan with pockets for my GS. Because he had requested it, I was motivated. I think you’re motivated too. I’m confident you can do it.

Listen to Antares and others!

All good advice. Note too that although the sweater is knit at 18sts/4" it calls for a lighter yarn, a light sport weight (usually 23-26sts/4") knit on size 8 needles in order to get the loose, drapey look of the picture. Also, there’s at least one place with the “At the same time” direction, so you’ll need to keep track of increases in more than one area. I’d recommend circling or highlighting the numbers and sections of the pattern that apply to your size, too.
Should be fun to knit and if you need advice or answers, you know we’re here.