Beginner sweater pattern?

I think I am ready to move beyond scarves :slight_smile: … I still consider myself a beginner knitter, but would like to attempt my first sweater! Any suggestions for a simple sweater pattern?


need more info—child baby boy girl mens womens summer winter :shrug:

A simple raglan like the ones at Knitting Pure and Simple are great ones to learn on. Raglans require little to no seaming because they are knit in the round on circular needles. There are also some free patterns for raglan sweaters, but I haven’t tried them.

to answer Julie’s question -
I would be interested in a women’s sweater pattern, preferably a lighter weight (summer/spring) sweater.

I too am a beginner, (I have been knitting about 6 weeks) if you go to the Knitting Pure and Simple link that Jan in CA had in her reply, and look for sweater #9726, that is the one I started last weekend.

I have been having an adjustment period because I went from working with size 13 needles to the size 6, but now life is good. I have already gotten to the part where I have to divide for the sleeves.

This sweater is worked from the neck down. I have only made felted totes before this, and my teacher is moving me along slowly, so I am at the sweater stage now, next I can tackle socks. :cheering:

She tells me, you have to learn how you knit, so you are comfortable with it. And you need more time on the needles before moving on to certain projects. She is a great teacher.

But I agree these patterns are nice and easy.

Sorry this is so long, but as you can see I enjoy knitting, but I have to hold myself back so I don’t get into something I can’t do yet.

Have fun.


Here are some summer sweater patterns