Beginner stuck!

Hi all! I am a complete beginner and my friend at work has started me off on a template for a cushion. I somehow seem to have messed up the end and have a big loop! (See attached pictures) I am moss stitching and the row I have just done ends on a pearl. My friend isn’t at work for th me next few days so any help much appreciated!

Thank you!

Unless you have a lot of stitches not shown, for as far as you are I would start over. It looks like it’s far enough down that you’d be almost starting over to tink (knit backwards) to get to it.

For what it is, Unless you’re supposed to have more rows in the middle I’d guess that you put the work down not at the end of a row and when you picked it up started in the wrong direction, creating a short row. The renegade loops near the ends are hard to figure out where they belong.

Thank you Mike!

I will wait for my friend to come and help me to fix it so I can start again! So annoyed as I have been doing really well on a test piece!

Thanks for your help

Oh and ps there are quite a lot of stitches - 54 in total!

I won’t do anymore in case I make it worse!


I definitely agree that it looks like you stopped before the end of the row and then went the wrong way when you picked it up again. I also agree that starting over is your best bet this time. Here’s a video you might like about mistakes. It has the short row mistake you have in your piece. There are a lot of videos about mistakes and what to do about them. If you really want to wait for your friend you might like to check some of them out in the meantime.

ETA It’s only knitting. I know that sounds rather unhelpful when you’re new but the best way to get better is to knit more.

Yep, it’s only knitting. Starting over is how I practice. :joy:

The only way I know to get over the short rows would be to tink or frog (rip it out).
I did discover if I clicked on the picture after clicking on the picture it comes in large and clear (thank you). Without being there to tug on it I can’t tell how many short rows there are, how much of a problem the loop is or if it’s the start of the short rows.

It looks to me like the loop is from the row after the cast on, If it’s from the cast on row it could be as simple as a snagged cast on stitch that the tail allowed to pull out. The friend would definitely have an easier time reading the knitting in person.
Waiting might save you undoing some work but I bet there will be some undoing of stitches.

I don’t know how many times I’ve said this is the last time I’m starting over for the last time. lol

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