Beginner socks knitting pattern

On a pattern I found on by Kim Goddard, I do not understand a lot of the abbreviations she has, like psso. She, also, does not state if she is using 3 or 4 needles for the sock. Can anyone help?


this pattern?
At end of that pattern, (bottom of page) are links for
Abbreviations and Glossary. which will explain the terms used.
It appears she uses 3 needles (4 total) at the start and gives an option for adding a 4th (5 total) when doing heel.

If you find that a bit confusing you may find this pattern easier to follow.
Its the same guage and number of stitches.
and uses 3 needles. (thats 4 total. 3 with sts on, one to knit with) and here’s the abbreviations used. [COLOR=blue][/COLOR]

I am knitting my first socks using a pattern similar to the second one in your post I have completed the ribbing and the tube portion of the sock and am ready to begin the heel. I know this is a really simple question, but I really want to do this right. My pattern (as the one I linked to above) says to begin the heel on the wrong side. Well, my sock is hanging from my needles right side out so does that mean I turn the sock inside out to begin the heel? Any help is deeply appreciated. Thanks in advance.


ETA I am knitting these socks in the round on DPN if that matters.

You don’t have to turn it inside out, just turn it. You’ll be knitting back and forth now, so you just turn as you would on regular straight needles.

Thanks Wenda. That makes PERFECT sense. I fumbled with it for a couple hours before I posted, but I just couldn’t make it look right.