Beginner Sock Pattern?

I have never knit up sock before and am looking to give it a whirl. Does anyone know of a fairly easy beginner sock pattern? Thanks in advance

I used to learn socks :mrgreen:

I swear bySilver’s sock tutorials! She has taught countless people to knit socks. I have never seen a better site for learning to make socks.

Yup, go to Silver’s!!!

Ooh, this is something I want to try too. Thanks for asking and thanks for the links! :slight_smile:

Knitting Pure & Simple has a pattern for Beginner socks that uses worsted weight yarn. It is pattern # 9728. They can be contacted at or (530) 448-9021.
Silver’s Sock Tutorial is super also.

I made my first sock using Silver’s sock tutorial and it’s great! Just go by it and you won’t have any problems.


i’m making (toddler) socks with a variant of this - - pattern. I haven’t used Silver’s tutorial yet but I plan to when I make myself a pair. The Lion Brand pattern does the heel & gusset in a different way then Silver; they insert short rows by wrapping stitches and silver (I believe) slips the first stitch to be later picked up and knit.

This is a very easy sock pattern that I have used a lot.