Beginner sock help! don't know how to start with three needles

I am starting a pair of basic socks. I’m using Paton’s Kroy sock yarn with size 3 double pointed needls. The pattern says to cast on stitches on three of the needles, then knit in the round…I don’t know how to get started, can someone help me? Thank you!

Hi and welcome to KH!

I usually Cast on the number of sts onto one dpn and then divide them by 3…just slide the sts on to the other 2 dpns. Your last st on needle 3 will have the working yarn coming from it…you will start knitting with your free needle and first st on needle 1…just remember to pull the first few sts tight to close up the gap.You can also use 2circs and magic loop.

Check out Amy’s videos here they may help you on getting started :thumbsup:

Thank you so much! I will look at the video!