Beginner road-block

Hi There,

I have a couple questions… I’m knitting my first sweater… :S

It says in my pattern to “K1, P1 rib ending with a RS row”. I’m knitting the rib, but how do I make sure I’m ending with a right side row? Can anyone explain that to me? That would be a HUGE help.

Also, soon I have to switch to larger needles. Is there an easy way to do this, so that I don’t drop a stitch or anything??

Thanks everyone for helping me with this!!


HI Anna,
The easiest way I find is to just look for the end of your cast on yarn. That dangling strand of yarn. The side it is ON, is the Wrong side.

I think of it this way in my head…when I am done knitting a row…if the needle with all the stiches are in my left hand, I am starting a Right side row, therefore I ENDED on a Wrong side row. So if you want to end on a Right side, stop when you have knitted all the stiches off the needle in your left hand.

( I am a right handed, English/thrower kinda knitter! It might be different if you are a leftie/Continental kinda knitter!:roflhard: )


P.S. When I change needle size, I just knit on to the new needle size, I’ve never had a problem with that…anyone else???

Hi Anna,
I may not be the best person to answer your questions, but here goes!
Normally your cast on is the WS (wrong side. So, your odd stitches are your RS (right side) and your even stitches are your WS (wrong side)
Usually the directions will specify what is the wrong side and what is the right side.
Just mark the right side with a small safety pin. Usually the gold ones that come with your dry cleaning are pretty small and easy to pin.
When you switch to larger size needles, you don’t have to take it apart to transfer. All you have to do is get one of your larger needles and knit onto that one with your smaller ones. Once that is done, you have switched. :slight_smile:
Hope that helps and if I am wrong, please let me know, that is how I would do it.

That’s a great idea! And also a stitch counter works well too, so you can keep track of your rows.

I am using a stitch counter, and my RS would be my odd numbered rows. So, what you guys are saying is that the pattern is telling me I should complete RS row and stop there, or should I be just about to go onto a RS row but stop there? I think I’m still confused lol.

That’s an awesome idea on how to switch to a bigger sized needle, I would never of thought of that myself! Thanks guys!!!


without seeing the pattern, I believe you would just Stop when you finish your right sided row. Then continue on to the next direction in the pattern.
Can you tell us what it says next?

Hi Jen!

I can, it says:

Next Row: (inc) P5 M1, P12 to last 5 st, M1, P5. There should be 102sts on the needle.

Change to US 6 needles and work 80 rows SS, beg with a K row.

Another question, do they mean I must P5 M1, P12 repeat until the last 5 sts?

Yes, and then you M1 and P5 with your last five stitches.

yep, just make sure you do those 80 rows on the Right side. Check for the dangling yarn and make sure it originates on the back side
Another easy way to see that is…your Right side will always be the one that looks “good”. With the SS stich the Right side will look like all " V’s"…wrong side looks like "bumps"

Ok, so I complete a RS row, then move onto the next instructions (WS row) and do the P5 M1 P12 repeat until last 5 sts. Then on the next row (RS row), and K… correct??

Ribbing doesn’t really have a RS or WS, regardless of where your tail from the CO is. All the pattern is saying that when you complete the ribbing for X inches, the next row is the WS row and will be the purl row for your pattern. Then do the RS row which will be knit.

correct, let me know how it works out!

thanks Jen a lot, I will!